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Challenges and Solutions

Transporting goods and merchandise from one point to another requires a carefully coordinated approach, especially since global logistics costs far outpace those of a domestic move. According to Aberdeen Research, international shipments cost twice as much, take five times as long and have five times more variability than domestic shipments. Consequently, a 1% improvement in international supply chain efficiencies will yield significantly higher financial returns than a 1% improvement in domestic supply chain efficiencies.

Amber Road's Transportation Management solution provides a range of transportation management and logistics capabilities for importers, exporters and third party logistics providers to capture these improvements. Core to our solution is our in-house publishing team which gathers and codifies publicly-available international carrier rates and translates and codifies shipper-specific carrier contracts, including the detailed logic used to calculate accessorial charges on an international move.

Our Transportation Management solution provides the ability to:

  • Easily evaluate different freight options on international moves, choose the lowest cost option given a detailed picture of all baseline and accessorial charges, and actually book the load with the carrier of choice
  • Perform freight audit, comparing the invoice received from the carrier with the shipper's transportation contract
  • Identify discrepancies, which the shipper can take up with the carrier, armed with the necessary details
  • Evaluate carriers across a variety of metrics such as on-time delivery, invoicing accuracy, tender acceptance times, etc. with performance management analytics and reports


To reduce inventory carrying costs and improve supply chain efficiencies, you need accurate analytics to reduce variability and eliminate dwell time. To optimize trade lane performance, you also need accurate visibility into individual order and shipment status.

Amber Road’s multimodal logistics solution provides a range of capabilities to identify and remove inefficiencies resulting in shorter cycle times and less variability, helping companies reduce transportation costs, while improving service levels and transit times.  

Key Benefits


  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Improve customer service with increased on-time deliveries
  • Minimize freight expediting costs
  • Increase operational efficiencies by eliminating manually intensive processes


“Transportation Management empowers our sales and pricing organization to respond faster than the competition, with differentiated proposals that help our customers make important cost service tradeoff decisions.”


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Customer Testimonial: Ocean Procurement Manager, SDV

In this video Heidi Lindemann, Ocean Procurement Manager for SDV points out the key benefits that they have realized such as more expedient response times to customers with competitive quotes, better visibility into contracts across 40,000 rates, and improved visibility into transportation costs on a global scale.

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