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Issues and Challenges

Global supply chains are complex, interconnected systems that must be managed by establishing key performance indicators, capturing metrics, analyzing results, and developing strategies to continuously improve performance. Unfortunately, many supply chain teams struggle to access data stored in multiple sources and formats. Consequently, it is impossible to get a birds-eye-view of global performance.

Challenges include:

  • Retrieving and analyzing thousands of data points and presenting results in a useful format
  • Pinpointing key indicators, such as broker performance, customs clearance rates, on-time delivery rates, cycle time, etc.
  • Distributing reports across the organization to drive decisions

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road's performance management capabilities enable users to generate reports or manage key metrics through scorecards and dashboards. Each department can access its performance monitoring reports to manage service providers such as suppliers, forwarders, and brokers, as well as manage critical process cycle times. By sharing operational data and metrics across compliance, logistics, and procurement domains, supply chain managers can make better data-driven decisions and manage cash to cash cycles.

Our advanced reporting capabilities enable users to develop strategic reports, analytics, key performance indicator (KPI) metrics, and scorecards across a wide range of data elements. New report formats can be quickly created by selecting report criteria and columns via drag and drop, setting sort sequences, and defining calculations. Reports can be scheduled to run at specific times and emailed to a selected group of recipients.
Features Benefits
Performance Management Search functionality for developing strategic reports, analytics, KPI metrics, scorecards, personal and corporate dashboards
Build reports using templates
Use powerful search features to select criteria such as relative dates, sliding dates, and event comparisons
Schedule reports to run at pre-set times
Email reports for distribution and printing
Review report results at a summary level and then drill down to a more detailed level of information for further analysis
Define reports based on any data element in the system
Use advanced conditional logic to quickly develop queries for pinpointing key data
Variance Reporting Generate variance reports to identify deviations from expected shipment and entry parameters, including overages and shortages not visible at the time of entry
Gain visibility into import transaction activities, including shipment data, tracking, supplier/manufacturer information, historical and current records, and transaction partner analysis reports


To reduce inventory carrying costs and improve supply chain efficiencies, you need accurate analytics to reduce variability and eliminate dwell time. To optimize trade lane performance, you also need accurate visibility into individual order and shipment status.

Amber Road’s multimodal logistics solution provides a range of capabilities to identify and remove inefficiencies resulting in shorter cycle times and less variability, helping companies reduce transportation costs, while improving service levels and transit times.  



“We are increasing our visibility into air and ocean shipments, and improving our supply chain data reliability with Amber Road's solutions. We chose Amber Road because of the flexibility and customizability of its web-based solution. In addition, its architecture platform allows us to easily integrate additional modules of Amber Road's suite such as its Trade Automation Solution."


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