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Order and Shipment Visibility

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Issues and Challenges

To reduce inventories, optimize networks, and mitigate risk, global supply chain teams need near real-time visibility into the status of orders and shipments. However, supply chain visibility is complicated by today's global trading systems, which have different infrastructures, data definitions, and message formats. It can be difficult to receive and interpret status updates from numerous carriers, suppliers, brokers, and freight forwarders to gain a comprehensive picture and assess performance and bottlenecks. Without this big picture, it becomes nearly impossible to implement cost-saving strategies, such as just-in-time inventory replenishment. When delivery windows are tight, even minor missteps and miscalculations can have major consequences.

Challenges include:

  • Handling the complex relationships of orders distributed across multiple shipments, equipment, carriers, and modes
  • Connecting and maintaining a supply chain network across widely varying information system capabilities and message types
  • Receiving and interpreting differing message content formats for analysis
  • Focusing on the information that indicates areas of concern, thereby allowing management by exception

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road's Supply Chain Visibility solution provides multi-mode supply chain visibility functionality that connects importers and exporters with their overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers, and carriers. Amber Road has built a global trading network with pre-established connectivity to hundreds of trading partners.

The network's secure data communication services enable supply chain partners to share information, distribute reports, and receive alerts on milestones that are critical to the timely delivery of goods.
A robust supplier portal enables trade partners to exchange purchase order, shipment, and inventory information and support collaborative logistics processes. The portal facilitates efficient communication and decision making around issues such as diverting inventory or resolving bottlenecks.
Our solution lets shippers focus on the issues that affect supply chain performance by utilizing proactive alerts and event management to identify deviations. Users can define flexible business rules that display the status of any lifecycle milestone in the supply chain. These events can be followed back through transactions to the original purchase order for complete visibility into individual line items.
For example, with ocean shipments, shippers can receive automatic notifications on status events for each container, such as date of receipt, vessel loaded, departed and arrived, transit, etc. Any shipment can be located or tracked by any one of several reference points, such as booking number, container number, or bill of lading number.
Features Benefits
Order, Shipment and Inventory Visibility Monitor the inbound and outbound movement of goods at the shipment, order, SKU and container level
Receive real-time updates from the Amber Road global trading network
Manage detention and demurrage issues with visibility into container locations and status
Alerts and Event Management Proactively alert your supply chain partners and stakeholders of key events and at-risk milestones
Manage critical supply chain issues and expedite resolution through automated notifications
Fine tune alerts according to specific events, data elements and tolerances based on planned milestones
Define who receives alerts as well as the frequency and content of the notification
Assign alerts for resolution and report against them to identify root cause and eliminate recurrences
Dashboards Personalize dashboards for the most effective display of data


To reduce inventory carrying costs and improve supply chain efficiencies, you need accurate analytics to reduce variability and eliminate dwell time. To optimize trade lane performance, you also need accurate visibility into individual order and shipment status.

Amber Road’s multimodal logistics solution provides a range of capabilities to identify and remove inefficiencies resulting in shorter cycle times and less variability, helping companies reduce transportation costs, while improving service levels and transit times.  

Customer Testimonial: NCR Corporation

Josh Skeen, Senior Director of Global Logistics at NCR Corporation, shares his thoughts on the deep impact Amber Road has had on their business.

NCR wanted to reduce both the cost of goods sold and inventory levels in a strategic and thoughtful way. Leveraging Amber Road’s Supply Chain Visibility solution, NCR has been able to get their products in more places around the world, faster and cheaper.

Download The Evolution of Supply Chain Visibility and Total Landed Cost in the Global Supply Chain for NCR’s full success story on how they managed to get a handle on total landed costs worldwide.




“Once you can see the shipments moving in transit, you can predict and late shipments and adjust. NCR will see a seven-figure benefit from the implementation; it has added definite value for us.”


Director, Global Logistics Sourcing


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