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Integrated Service Provider Network

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Issues and Challenges

In today's global business environment, companies are seeking ways to quickly and smoothly connect with their supply chain trading partners. However, this is often a difficult task when you consider the number of partners involved and their various levels of B2B integration expertise.

Changing business requirements can bring new customers, suppliers or other supply chain partners. Shifting standards and protocols further complicate relationships with both existing and new B2B partners. Also, the partner onboarding process can be slowed by the adherence to B2B service level agreements (SLAs), regional/global trading differences and manually intensive onboarding processes.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road has built a global trading network with pre-established connectivity to thousands of trading partners.

The network's secure data communication services enable suppliers, forwarders, transportation carriers, and customs brokers to share supply chain information and alerts that are critical to the timely delivery of goods.

The integrated service provider network also serves as an information hub for existing enterprise systems including ERP, transportation management, inventory planning, warehousing, and other proprietary order management systems.

The network data is enhanced by leveraging an API-based integration layer to achieve carrier connectivity and next-generation data standardization to third-party providers like project44 and others. This level of modern connectivity includes the use of data from IoT devices to replace outdated mechanisms like EDI and/or SMC3 rate bureaus, FTP, spreadsheets, website scraping, and manual processes (phone, email, fax).

This enables you to connect once to the network and enjoy seamless connectivity with your internal systems and across extended supply chain partners.


To reduce inventory carrying costs and improve supply chain efficiencies, you need accurate analytics to reduce variability and eliminate dwell time. To optimize trade lane performance, you also need accurate visibility into individual order and shipment status.

Amber Road’s multimodal logistics solution provides a range of capabilities to identify and remove inefficiencies resulting in shorter cycle times and less variability, helping companies reduce transportation costs, while improving service levels and transit times.  



“Amber Road helps us with our long-term continuous improvement program by securing our supply chain and giving us visibility from beginning to end.”

International Transportation Manager
Leading Beverage Producer


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