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Supplier & Product Traceability

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Issues and Challenges

Whole-chain traceability is essential to every supply chain to mitigate risk and quickly resolve issues as they arise. This requires both deep product-level information (including BOM data) and supplier information; two sets of data often stored in disparate, siloed systems.

By embracing traceability, manufacturers benefit through unparalleled visibility of their inventory at various stages of the supply chain. Manufacturers are required to establish a collaborative environment with all the parties, especially suppliers, in the chain.

How Amber Road Can Help

With Amber Road’s Supplier and Product Traceability software solution, companies can easily trace backwards and forwards in the supply chain, reducing the time and costs associated with investigations, recalls and stock withdrawals. Produce and export real-time, quality reporting for stakeholders or to identify issues, all from the cloud-based portal.

With order traceability, companies can see exactly where product is at all times, especially when it matters most. But knowing more about your suppliers is also critical to your business. With this solution, easily connect to your supplier data to see documentation, on-site inspections and audits, as well as on-going certification they may obtain. This eases compliance with programs like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) with streamlined supplier documentation and template workflows to support California SB 657 (California Transparency in Supply Chains Act), supplier verification and required recordkeeping.

Highlighted Capabilities
  • Minimize the risks associated with regulatory compliance, codes of conduct and ethical sourcing to protect brand integrity
  • Reduce potential product recalls
  • Simplify recurring audit scheduling through automation
  • Facilitate real-time communication and the ability to respond to critical and ad hoc issues

Risk and Quality Management

Effectively managing the global supply chain comes with unique risks due to poor or inadequate product testing, a consistently volatile socio-economic climate and an ever changing cycle of governmental regulations.

Amber Road’s solutions help manufacturers and retailers accurately ensure that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements, and standards for product safety, ethical sourcing of labor, health and safety and product quality.



“We needed to add more volume and entities without increasing the wait time, on one global standard so all units would have the same level of automation and access to information.”


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Medical Technologies Company


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