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Issues and Challenges

Global organizations are operating in an environment of increasing complexity and ever-changing regulatory constraints. The product safety and compliance risks involved are persistent and costly. In order to properly address these requirements, you need to utilize technology tools and best practices that create an efficient program for all parties involved.

Sourcing globally means additional issues to address regarding matters of product safety and compliance. For example, consumer protection issues are more prevalent for companies as multiple countries have introduced a variety of consumer product safety regulations. Now, more than ever, companies need to fully understand the product safety regulatory environment and develop strong compliance programs.


How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s Product Testing solution consolidates the tasks and information required for organizations to minimize product quality risks and costs. Real time visibility, workflow and management by exception capabilities provide a simplified way to holistically manage product testing and safety.

Highlighted Capabilities
  • Eliminate redundant product and material data entry through integration with internal PDM systems
  • Auto-load test templates and packages based on product and material attributes
  • View material tests from product through BOM linkage
  • Electronically share testing results and reports with testing companies
  • Automatically generate GCC/COC upon approval
  • View all failed or late testing purchase orders

Risk and Quality Management

Effectively managing the global supply chain comes with unique risks due to poor or inadequate product testing, a consistently volatile socio-economic climate and an ever changing cycle of governmental regulations.

Amber Road’s solutions help manufacturers and retailers accurately ensure that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements, and standards for product safety, ethical sourcing of labor, health and safety and product quality.


VFDicks Sporting GoodsLi & Fing


We needed to create reliability in our global supply chain to respond to actual and potential issues and tightly collaborate with our merchants, distribution centers, and service providers.”


Vice President, Global Trade & Transportation
Global Apparel Retailer


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