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Facility Compliance

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Issues and Challenges

As companies expand their global presence, production facility workplace conditions, child labor practices, production processes and banned materials (chemical components, conflict minerals, etc.) usage is increasingly scrutinized. Governmental regulations are ever increasing, placing additional burdens on companies to monitor, document and remediate any violations. With countries and states enacting laws that apply to social responsibility and environmental impacts from production, businesses are feeling the impact of fully meeting these regulatory requirements.

For this reason, it is important global organizations are 100% transparent about the way they do business throughout every stage of the supply chain and fully evaluate production facilities. Traceability and collaboration tools are necessary to provide factual information about raw materials and all production processes. While factory audits and evaluations are conducted by internal or 3rd party groups, companies must collect and consolidate the data regarding initial and on-going status of all facility compliance indicators.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s Facility Compliance solution minimizes the risks associated with regulatory compliance, codes of conduct and ethical sourcing to protect brand integrity and reduce unexpected supply disruptions. In addition, the solution provides the ability to collaborate with suppliers and multiple audit companies to improve enterprise-wide compliance levels through transparency and consolidated facility production information.

Highlighted Capabilities
  • Protect brand equity by minimizing regulatory compliance, codes of conduct and ethical sourcing risks
  • Collaborate with suppliers and multiple audit companies
  • Increase enterprise-wide compliance levels through transparency and consolidated data
  • Simplify recurring audit scheduling through automation
  • Generate reports to fully monitor compliance standards
  • Capture and store test results for historical purposes

Risk and Quality Management

Effectively managing the global supply chain comes with unique risks due to poor or inadequate product testing, a consistently volatile socio-economic climate and an ever changing cycle of governmental regulations.

Amber Road’s solutions help manufacturers and retailers accurately ensure that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements, and standards for product safety, ethical sourcing of labor, health and safety and product quality.


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We needed to create reliability in our global supply chain to respond to actual and potential issues and tightly collaborate with our merchants, distribution centers, and service providers.”


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