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Vendor Shipment Booking

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Issues and Challenges

Once goods are ready to ship, it is critical to get them moving without delay. Historically, vendors would communicate the shipment information to the logistics service providers (LSP) who would create the booking – a time-consuming task that can lead to delays and errors.

The most cost-effective and efficient means is to enable the factory with digital tools to complete the shipment booking. The vendor, at the factory level) has complete visibility into which PO line items are ready, and they can provide accurate and required information regarding the shipment, like carton sizes and other related data.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s Vendor Shipment Booking module provides a platform for vendors and factories to create a shipment booking request from a purchase order. The system then further integrates with the logistics service providers to complete a booking request and receive confirmation back to close the loop.

By enabling factories with a digital solution that integrates the purchase order data and connects them with the LSP directly through a centralized cloud platform, companies can achieve improved compliance and speed-to-market. This reduces the back-and-forth communication exchanges between the vendor, sourcing and logistics. With this level of control, shippers can also postpone ship-to decisions, execute direct ship and cross-dock strategies.

Highlighted Capabilities
  • Factories select the items that are ready to ship without waiting for the entire PO to be complete
  • Key booking information is entered in the system and a Booking Request is submitted to one of the nominated LSPs
  • The system automatically validates each Booking Request
  • New and revised Booking Requests created by a vendor are automatically sent to the designated LSP via an outbound integration channel
  • The LSP accepts or rejects the booking, initiating a Booking Confirmation
  • Booking Confirmation are automatically added to the PO management portal via integration

Supply Chain Collaboration

Today, supply chain collaboration between buyers and their overseas vendors is usually conducted with an unending merry-go-round of Excel documents, emails, last minute changes and zero visibility into the real-time status of orders and shipments.

We change that by providing a cloud-based platform that all parties access across the supply chain.


    Li and Fung

"With Amber Road's cloud-based platform, we improved our supplier and partner collaboration across all phases of the design-to-delivery process, which helped reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and increase supply chain flexibility.”


Vice President, Supply Chain Planning and Operations


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