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Issues and Challenges

With increased pressure to deliver products faster, maintain less inventory, and reach growth and margin goals, companies need to be more agile and work closer with their supply chain partner network. Without an automated supply chain solution that provides visibility and facilitates collaboration between sourcing teams and suppliers, it is easy to fall short.

With consistent and timely access to supplier information, the production of finished goods is streamlined with the ability to fully track orders and identify any material delays. Having access to accurate production information results in the ability to identify potential delays earlier in the process and respond more cost effectively to meet customer demands.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s Production Tracking solution enables the real-time exchange of critical milestone data during pre-production and production. This results in the ability to accurately answer questions like:

  • What orders or SKUs am I tracking?
  • Where are my goods in the production cycle?
  • Who did the work and has my goods?
  • How many units are at each stage in the production or shipment process?

The configurable Excel-like worksheets can be used by various organizational teams to maintain control. By providing direct access to the entire trading partner network, companies can collaborate in real-time with internal and external teams, reducing the potential for production delays and ensuring cycle time impacts are minimized. Additionally, sourcing teams can progress from shared visibility to shared collaboration, so that all teams are working towards the common goals of developing quality products at the lowest cost and optimal speed to market.

Highlighted Capabilities
  • View all production milestone completions with updates directly from the supplier
  • Receive alerts when POs are in danger of delays or other issues
  • Easily create different views for each user group: designers, merchandisers, etc.
  • Clearly identify past due events with color coded field status
  • Simplify data entry with batch updates
  • Access configurable templates for managing Work in Process (WIP) events and status
  • Manage task dependencies and durations with templates
  • Automatically calculate event due dates by time & action calendars
  • Manage events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis utilizing the calendar views
  • Flexibly export reports in HTML, PDF and MS Excel formats

Supply Chain Collaboration

Today, supply chain collaboration between buyers and their overseas vendors is usually conducted with an unending merry-go-round of Excel documents, emails, last minute changes and zero visibility into the real-time status of orders and shipments.

We change that by providing a cloud-based platform that all parties access across the supply chain.



"With Amber Road's cloud-based platform, we improved our supplier and partner collaboration across all phases of the design-to-delivery process, which helped reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and increase supply chain flexibility.”


Vice President, Supply Chain Planning and Operations


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