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Post-Entry Actions

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Issues and Challenges

Once the broker files the shipment with Customs, the broker becomes the intermediary between the importer and Customs. All information from Customs must flow back through the broker into the importer's GTM system to finalize the entry and eventually liquidate the shipment.

Information received from Customs helps validate that what the broker submitted correctly reflected the contents of the shipment and the purchase order. If there were filing errors, they must be detected quickly, since there is only a short window in which to correct them.

Customs also provides messages indicating the status of the entry and whether additional actions must be taken to clear the entry.

Challenges include:

  • Detecting discrepancies between what was sent to the broker and what the broker filed with Customs
  • Managing the volume of messages received from Customs related to the shipment
  • Determining whether other transactions may be affected by the status of an entry
  • Appealing valuation or duty payment errors prior to the liquidation date
  • Measuring the performance of brokers and entry cycle time

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road's Import Management solution tracks the entire life cycle of a purchase order and shipment until the liquidation notice is received by Customs.

Once the broker files the entry, the messages received from Customs are incorporated back into the system for post-entry actions, tracking and auditing purposes. This serves as an important checks and balances system to ensure that the broker filed correctly. It also ensures that all messages from Customs can be viewed in a central location that is tied back to the shipment, and ultimately back to the line items of the purchase order.

Customs messages and disposition codes provide important information regarding the status of the entry and whether the shipment is cleared or delayed. Configurable business rules help separate critical messages from those that don't require action.

The system also manages the periodic daily and monthly statements of duty payments issued by Customs. High volume importers may choose to have their duty invoices aggregated into larger payments. Our solution receives these statements and track their payment against the specific shipments.

Search and analysis features make it possible to measure the performance of brokers based on metrics such as how many times an entry had to be filed, how many messages were received, and other factors that determine broker cycle time. These key metrics can be displayed as graphs and charts on a dashboard, making it possible to track the performance of brokers over time.

After a period of several months (depending on the country), Customs entries are fully liquidated - in other words, the transaction is finalized and can no longer be altered. Any protests or post-entry appeals around valuation or duty payment must be submitted prior to the liquidation date. Liquidation information is passed back into the system to complete the life cycle of the purchase order.


Highlighted Capabilities
  • Receive data filed with Customs by the broker and generate a variance report against the approved pre-Customs entry to detect discrepancies
  • Receive alerts about entry changes made in classification, valuation, or other examination discoveries
  • Modify entries in real-time, thereby preventing post-entry expenses
  • Track critical post-entry dates and establish automatic alerts for key deadlines, such as protest filing and reconciliation
  • View graphs and charts on a dashboard to assist with monitoring entry cycle time, message volume and other metrics that are relevant to broker performance
Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance

Conducting global trade is enormously complex due to regulatory controls and reporting requirements. Companies must stay in compliance.

Amber Road’s solutions automate all compliance functions. Our solution performs restricted party screening against blacklists, determines import and export license requirements, generates shipping documents to file with government agencies and creates a complete audit trail.


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