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Global Trade Management Solutions

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Cloud-based Global Trade Management Solutions

Our GTM solution is a cloud-based platform that plans, optimizes and executes all aspects of global trade. It has the broadest functional footprint of any GTM solution in the market.

GTM today is more than just international trade compliance. Companies need to look end-to-end to derive the most value from a GTM investment. With Amber Road you can assemble a solution that cuts across global sourcing, supply chain risk, logistics and trade compliance processes.

Our solutions also incorporate in-house sourced, country-specific regulatory trade content, gathered, interpreted and updated on a daily basis by Amber Road's seasoned trade professionals.

The Challenges of Global Trade

In the new millennium staying competitive means consistently improving supply chain agility, compressing cycle times, optimizing sourcing decisions, lowering distribution costs, cementing relationships with strategic suppliers and delivering on increasingly complex customer demands.

Amber Road works with some of world’s most successful companies to implement the GTM solutions they need to stay competitive.

Global Sourcing

Streamline real-time visibility with brands, retailers and suppliers to improve the planning, forecasting, and raw material reservation processes.


  • Sourcing optimization
  • Supplier management
  • Product management
  • Sample & costing management



Production Management

Achieve greater visibility, become more agile and competitive, and reduce sourcing costs across the board.


  • Order collaboration
  • Material order visibility
  • Production tracking
  • Shipment (ASN) preparation




Supply Chain Visibility

Connect importers and exporters with their overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers, and carriers.


  • Integrated service provider network
  • Data quality management
  • Alerts and exception management
  • Performance management reporting




Import Management

Automate import activities and provide critical information for decision makers, including the data needed to measure key performance indicators.


  • Product classification and admissibility review
  • Landed cost calculation
  • Document management
  • Entry management
  • Post-entry actions
  • Security filing



Risk & Quality Management

Accurately determine that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards defined for product safety and quality that reflect the importance of the brand.


  • Facility compliance
  • Product testing
  • Quality control inspection



Transportation Management

Identify and remove inefficiencies resulting in shorter cycle times and less variability, helping companies reduce transportation costs, while improving service levels and transit times.


  • Contract and rate management
  • Carrier selection and booking
  • Freight audit
  • Lane analysis reporting

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Export Management

Automate the end-to-end export process to reduce export compliance risks and improve export efficiencies.


  • Product classification
  • Restricted party screening
  • License determination and management
  • End-use management
  • Freight forwarder collaboration
  • Export compliance



Duty Management

Simplify and automate the qualification and administration process of preferential trade programs along with managing Foreign-Trade Zones.


  • Free trade agreements
  • ​Foreign-trade zone
  • China trade management

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“We needed a truly global integrated import/export trade compliance solution to support our high volume transactions. Now our worldwide solution interfaces with multiple ERP systems and 1,300 users in 42 countries.”


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Why Amber Road?

Effective business leaders know that to stay competitive and grow, their organization must take full advantage of the global economy. But managing a global trade network is complex.

Our cloud-based platform handles all aspects of global trade including facilitating product development and global sourcing, automating risk & quality management and managing transportation, duty programs, import and export compliance and supply chain visibility.

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