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Supplier Management

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Issues and Challenges

In a 2013 survey of supply chain professionals conducted by SCM World, 41% of the respondents said over 50% of their products are sourced from international suppliers. Yet procuring goods from international suppliers is wrought with complexity: various time zones, cultures, distance, languages and government regulations. Most companies also have diverse supplier bases with everything from large, sophisticated organizations to small, specialty shops. Moreover, given the prevalence of outsourcing in many sectors, and continual re-evaluation of sourcing options, managing the supplier base is a moving target. In fact, many companies struggle because they have not been able to consistently collaborate with suppliers, manage supply risk and meet increasing and everchanging government regulations.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s supplier management solution helps companies extend purchasing and compliance processes to their inbound trading partners. Using a sophisticated supplier portal, buyers can manage all facets of the purchase order (PO) process with their partners including order acceptance, invoice consolidation, shipment creation, and document generation. By collaborating with foreign suppliers, companies can shorten cycle times, improve service levels, lower supply chain execution costs, and better support compliance initiatives such as Importer Security Filing (ISF).

Highlighted Capabilities
  • View all production milestones with updates directly from the supplier
  • Gain visibility to potential capacity issues affecting production
  • Create POs by adding products stored in the Global Product Master (GPM)
  • Highlight supplier performance based on key performance indicators and monitor throughout the PO process
  • On-board and electronically share documents with suppliers
  • Confirm document acknowledgements and digital signatures with suppliers
  • Configure questionnaires based on comprehensive repository of supplier questions and answers

Supply Chain Collaboration

Today, supply chain collaboration between buyers and their overseas vendors is usually conducted with an unending merry-go-round of Excel documents, emails, last minute changes and zero visibility into the real-time status of orders and shipments.

We change that by providing a cloud-based platform that all parties access across the supply chain.



"With Amber Road's cloud-based platform, we improved our supplier and partner collaboration across all phases of the design-to-delivery process, which helped reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and increase supply chain flexibility.”


Vice President, Supply Chain Planning and Operations


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