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Issues and Challenges

Transporting goods internationally is more costly and complex than shipping them domestically. More parties are involved, lead times are longer, base transportation rates are higher and movements are subject to a host of assessorial charges that are difficult to decipher and calculate. Such complexity makes it difficult to effectively route ocean shipments to meet transit time and delivery objectives.

Identifying available ocean carrier schedules and transit times can be time-consuming and labor intensive, especially when done manually. Often times, transportation departments are manually accessing ocean carrier sites to obtain transit times and shipping schedules by shipping lane. This information is then analyzed to determine the optimal schedule and carrier.


How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road's Global Knowledge® enables effective international carrier route selections by providing direct access to ocean transit times and schedules. By providing daily updates and direct access to schedules and transit times from the Journal of Commerce, global transportation teams can enhance process efficiencies while improving on-time shipments.


Highlighted Capabilities
  • Identify the optimal service choice by drilling into sailing schedules to view sail date, vessel and voyage, routing, service and transit time
  • Compare carrier transit times and schedules across multiple legs, transshipment points, providers and services
Global Knowledge®

Global Knowledge®

Organizations buying or selling goods globally are overwhelmed with complexity. And the mountain of legalese and red tape required to establish and maintain compliance with government regulations.

Amber Road maintains the most comprehensive and robust database of global trade content, government regulations, and international business rules available today. We cover over 170 countries, roughly 98% of world trade making our trade content and content management process the best in the industry. We call it Global Knowledge® and it’s tightly integrated within our suite of global trade management software.



"As a multinational technology leader, screening is critical to our business. We selected Amber Road to help us comply with global export regulations because of its complete and up-to-date list coverage."


Director, Regulatory Compliance and Senior Counsel
Intelsat, Ltd.


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