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Document Determination and Generation

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Document Determination and Generation Issues and Challenges

Although many governments now encourage electronic filing of global trade information, data is still largely exchanged in the form of trade documents. Filling out forms has always been an exercise in collecting the right data and putting in the format required by the recipient. Although paper has largely been eliminated, PDFs have taken its place.

Importers and exporters have the responsibility to generate and transmit forms to freight forwarders, customers and appropriate government authorities. Each transaction may have several associated trade documents that must be sent to different parties based on country specific trade regulations. Once those documents are sent, they may need to be revised and ultimately stored with the transaction for audit and reference purposes.



How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road uses a document generation system to manage the activities associated with trade document determination, generation, and storage.

An extensive set of configurable business rules help determine which trade documents are required for the transaction, based on criteria such as the transaction type, countries of import and export and trading partner. The solution draws trade document requirements from the Global Knowledge® database, which is updated daily by Amber Road's network of In-Country Content Providers (ICCP) and trade specialists.

The system comes with numerous document templates in multiple languages, and also provides a flexible document design function for the creation of custom forms and templates. Trade documents are also generated according to configurable business rules. Since some rules may produce duplicate documents, there are consolidation and validation processes where field data is checked and verified. Electronic signatures are supported, where required on the forms.

Once documents are generated, they can be distributed by email to the appropriate parties. Trade documents are then stored in a centralized repository and associated to the transaction for efficient search and retrieval.


Highlighted Capabilities
  • Analyze the required trade documents automatically for import and export transactions using sophisticated business rules and global trade data
  • Verify that country specific document requirements are satisfied
  • Draw from extensive document templates, such as commercial invoice (CI), shipper's letter of instruction (SLI), packing list (PL) and bill of lading (BOL) to meet business and regulatory requirements
  • Choose when to generate documents based on business rules
Global Knowledge®

Global Knowledge®

Organizations buying or selling goods globally are overwhelmed with complexity. And the mountain of legalese and red tape required to establish and maintain compliance with government regulations.

Amber Road maintains the most comprehensive and robust database of global trade content, government regulations, and international business rules available today. We cover over 170 countries, roughly 98% of world trade making our trade content and content management process the best in the industry. We call it Global Knowledge® and it’s tightly integrated within our suite of global trade management software.



"As a multinational technology leader, screening is critical to our business. We selected Amber Road to help us comply with global export regulations because of its complete and up-to-date list coverage."


Director, Regulatory Compliance and Senior Counsel
Intelsat, Ltd.


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