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Interpreting Global Trade Regulations

The rapidly changing nature of global trade content demands daily attention to updates, additions and corrections. When new regulations come into force, they must be immediately reflected in the trade content library and applied to any affected trade transactions within our Global Trade Management (GTM) software.

Our trade specialists are responsible for checking government sources, receiving alerts and tracking down officials for data. Once the data is collected, it must be translated, analyzed and verified. The trade regulations must then be interpreted and codified within our GTM software, so import and export transactions can factor them into decision making.



Our Global Knowledge® update process is ISO 9001:2015 certified, providing customers the assurance of receiving accurate and timely trade and regulatory information for various countries worldwide. In line with quality management standards set forth by ISO 9001:2015, Amber Road emphasizes the quality of global trade content data delivered to clients. Our quality policy and objectives define Amber Road's goals and objectives with respect to meeting customer expectations and providing them with the most comprehensive global trade content database in the industry.

Amber Road's quality management methodology includes an established, documented 19-step content update process to track updates from the initiation stage to completion and delivery to clients, and conducts biannual internal audits and annual external audits of its entire content update process.

Amber Road provides daily trade updates to our customers using a content distribution system (CDS). This ensures that enterprise systems and end-users have the most up-to-date and accurate global trade content.



Global Knowledge®

Global Knowledge®

Organizations buying or selling goods globally are overwhelmed with complexity. And the mountain of legalese and red tape required to establish and maintain compliance with government regulations.

Amber Road maintains the most comprehensive and robust database of global trade content, government regulations, and international business rules available today. We cover over 170 countries, roughly 98% of world trade making our trade content and content management process the best in the industry. We call it Global Knowledge® and it’s tightly integrated within our suite of global trade management software.



“Using Amber Road, there is now higher awareness and consideration of preferential customs tariffs, which enriches our strategic decision making.”


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