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Issues and Challenges

An export begins with a sales order that requires shipping your product across international borders. The moment you make the decision to fulfill that order, your products become subject to a wide array of controls that go beyond whether an item is permitted into or out of certain countries.

Regulations include those around licensing, restricted party screening, and requirements that are administered by a variety of government agencies in addition to Customs. You may also need to account for sales to related parties. Running afoul of export regulations can result in significant fines, criminal penalties, and potential loss of export privileges.

Challenges include:

  • Analyzing and understanding the export controls of multiple countries and government agencies, especially when dealing with multi-leg shipments
  • Managing the corresponding import codes and regulations of the destination country or countries
  • Enforcing consistent policies and business rules for exports across your organization
  • Conducting transactions for related party trade
  • Converting and normalizing units of measure and various codes for ports, locations, and modes of transport
  • Maintaining accurate records that document decisions and show compliance history for each transaction

How Amber Road Can Help

The export compliance review process draws on our extensive body of trade content Global Knowledge® along with a highly configurable and far-reaching set of validation rules. In addition to compliance checks that are performed at the product level in the Global Product Master, the system executes a series of compliance checks at the transaction line level. This means every line of the order is individually validated against the regulations of the countries involved.

You can control what should be analyzed and choose from among extensive criteria to narrow the analysis. Export controls can be run based on country, transaction type and partner type. For shipments that cross more than one border, you can define multi-leg compliance checks. Intelligence built into an export decision matrix determines rule precedence and allows users to override rules, if needed.
Any compliance issues that arise will cause a transaction to be placed on hold. Configurable work queues notify users that a transaction requires attention. Attached documentation and messages assist the user to quickly resolve the hold.
The Global Product Master (GPM), a centralized source of product information, allows you to conduct and manage compliance for each product, and for every variant of that product. The GPM also makes it possible to perform conversion calculations between units of weight, measure and currency.

 Highlighted Capabilities

Export Order Management Manage all aspects of the sales order, delivery, shipment, consolidation, and shipping
Screen for potential issues related to export controls based on the country of export
Screen for potential issues related to import controls based on the country of ultimate destination
Validate all pertinent data from the export transaction and use it to populate and create the baseline for the import
Manage cargo compliance risks by screening shipping documents for potential concerns, such as dual-use or hazardous products, restricted parties, and destination/recipient screening
Multi-Leg & Related Party Trade Define multiple legs for the shipment and designate where to perform import or export control analysis
Screen the export transaction for import validation and create a pre-Customs entry for the country of import
Alerts, Audit, & Reporting Configure who should receive alerts when critical events occur, such as RPS hits, license holds, planned shipments to embargoed countries, expiration of sample shipment quotas, and letter of credit holds
Preserve all detailed compliance information for the order
Store all documents and their revisions associated with a transaction
Use advanced search features to develop reports, scorecards, and personal and corporate dashboards
Review report results at a summary level and then drill down to a more detailed level of information
Global Product Master (GPM) Store your entire catalogue of products and their variants
Link a product to one or more suppliers housed in the partner table
Maintain a comprehensive set of information, such as product classification, unit of measure, and country of origin
Synchronize product data with an ERP or legacy system
Perform conversion calculations for currency and units of measure
Normalize codes for countries, port locations, and modes of transport
Reuse GPM information throughout the system in a range of transactions
Going Global with GTM

Going Global with GTM

To compete when selling goods around the world, growing businesses need supply chain and trade compliance solutions that rival large enterprises but can be implemented at a fraction of the cost and time. Your business needs to get things done with fewer resources and shorter time frames. And no one wants to shoulder the risk of a poor software implementation.

Amber Road delivers an affordable, cloud-based Global Trade Management solution for growing companies to plan, optimize and execute global trade activities with a rapid time to benefit.

Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance

Conducting global trade is enormously complex due to regulatory controls and reporting requirements. Companies must stay in compliance.

Amber Road’s solutions automate all compliance functions. Our solution performs restricted party screening against blacklists, determines import and export license requirements, generates shipping documents to file with government agencies and creates a complete audit trail.



An Export Management and Compliance Program can help you capture analysis, decisions, accountability and implementing procedures to comply with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).



Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS)


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