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China Trade Management

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Issues and Challenges

Conducting international trade within China can be difficult and complex which holds true for most international sourcing and manufacturing destinations. China's General and Processing Trade regulatory challenges can vary by region and are challenging to navigate. While the central government provides a framework for importers and exporters to conduct business, challenges easily result from regional and local governments implementing various controls. Complicating the issue further is the autonomy that a Customs official has at the port of entry. Regulations in China can change instantly and extend lead times and variability within a company's supply chain. Unlike a number of countries, China has yet to deploy mechanisms for posting information in advance. Instead, a loose network of regulatory bodies exists across the country. A company that is more familiar with a structured and relatively standardized regulatory environment easily discovers that minimal advance notice of regulatory changes dramatically affects product distribution.

In addition, it is important for companies engaging in import and export activities in China to take into account all components of the supply chain. With China being an attractive location for sourcing and manufacturing goods, it's crucial to understand the impact of cross-border documentation, licensing requirements, and compliance with local regulations on supply chain performance.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s China Trade Management solution enables companies to automate import and export processes for China operations. This allows companies to meet China compliance requirements for General and Processing Trade, reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiencies.

The Amber Road solution is a web-based on-demand solution that is deployed rapidly and cost-effectively. It provides timely regulatory updates to ensure uninterrupted import and export operations as China makes frequent regulatory changes to support economic growth.


Features Benefits

Trade Item Management

Access required agency information (e.g. HS Code, Chinese description, Customs U/M, etc.)
Adhere to government agency import and export regulations
Meet all company and facility import and export rules
Customize KPIs and exception alerts

China International Trading Support

Meet all General Trade and Processing Trade guidelines for incoming, outgoing, and after-sales services
Manage all bonded materials for contract manufacturing, toll manufacturing, and further domestic processing

Shipment Management

Import or create shipment invoice
Track all shipment expenses
Convert ERP shipment information to Customs invoice

Clearance Management

Automate Customs manifest creation based on agency regulations and company rules
Convert Customs manifest to Customs declarations
Update service provider status

Tax and Cost Management

Calculate and confirm accurate tariffs
Verify and allocate costs
Analyze Free Trade Agreements

Duty Management

Free trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA and others represent an attractive opportunity for exporters to grow their business overseas by making their products more affordable in growing markets. And for importers, FTAs allow them to dramatically lower the duties and taxes they pay.

Today there are more than 500 free or preferential agreements around the world for companies to use.





“China Trade Management was deployed in record time to fill a critical compliance deficiency while enhancing our global supply chain capabilities at the same time.”


Fortune 500 Customer


Customs Declaration Filing Changes
(March 2016)

Changes to Customs declaration
filing requirements.


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