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"Amber Road has really helped us pull the data into one central place and given us visibility into the data. And, now we are getting to the point that Exports is globally implemented that we are starting to get a database of what our export transactions look like so that we can report apples to apples amongst regions and business units. We can report the data in the same way so we can identify where our risks are and where we need to improve."

Global Export Manager, Monsanto



With about 30,000 export transactions per year, Monsanto exports from over 40 countries to 120 countries. The company was doing manual trade compliance and screening for these transactions and relied heavily on the users to recognize and flag concerns. The company’s data gathering process differed across regions, and business units, making benchmarking and reporting difficult since one-to-one comparisons could not be made effectively. The manual process also left the company exposed to the risk from human errors.



Using Amber Road, Monsanto has automated its compliance and screening processes, giving the company access to all its compliance data from a single access point. It has gained visibility from one end of its supply chain to the other and streamlined processes while reducing the risk of fines and penalties from human error.


  • Gained end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Helped standardize data gathering for trend analysis and reporting
  • Reduced or eliminated the risk of compliance errors
  • Reduced man-hours by automating processes


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