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Implementation Methodology

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Amber Road understands that our customers require a focused, efficient implementation for their technology investment to be cost effective. Amber Road's Global Professional Services team works directly with the customer to implement our Global Trade Management solutions.

The team manages the customer relationship from completion of the procurement cycle through the duration of the relationship, leading the customer through the system implementation and providing production support.

With a structured implementation methodology, a detailed project plan and key milestone reviews, Amber Road applies rigorous control and governance standards to each implementation. All implementations include the identification and design of streamlined operating procedures based on business requirements and industry knowledge. The implementation methodology consists of two core components:

  • System Implementation focuses on creation and successful delivery of the various project artifacts. It is divided into six key stages, each with its own defined entry and exit criteria
  • Project Management focuses on adherence to the contract terms, ongoing monitoring of and adjustments to the implementation plan, and a successful execution of the project

The team also works closely with the Amber Road Product Management and Development groups to provide input into product direction and incorporate customer feedback.

How Amber Road Can Help

Amber Road’s Facility Compliance solution minimizes the risks associated with regulatory compliance, codes of conduct and ethical sourcing to protect brand integrity and reduce unexpected supply disruptions. In addition, the solution provides the ability to collaborate with suppliers and multiple audit companies to improve enterprise-wide compliance levels through transparency and consolidated facility production information.

Quick Start Implementation

To get off the ground faster, companies can employ a methodology that streamlines the technology implementations faster, at a lower cost than full implementation and higher success rate. Like a conference room pilot, Amber Road’s Quick Start Implementation leverages a proven, out-of-the-box best practice methodology that is key to a rapid implementation.

Amber Road’s Quick Start Implementation pre-packages a solution that has previously satisfied the core requirements of many of our customers, thus allowing the Amber Road Professional Services team to provide value in a faster and less expensive implementation cycle.


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