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Amber Road's Global Professional Services and Customer Support teams understand your unique business processes, technology and data within the context of global trade, supply chain visibility, import compliance and export compliance. We work closely with you to integrate best practice business processes, GTM software, trading partners and other third parties into a comprehensive global trade management solution that meets your needs.

We know that customer success and satisfaction come not only from our solutions, but also from our staff and the level of service we provide.

  • Our Global Professional Services team includes international business experts who have in-depth knowledge of global trade and compliance regulations. They are highly trained and experienced with our complete range of global trade management software and with system implementation methodologies.
  • Our Customer Support team provides ongoing support that goes well beyond trouble-shooting and problem resolution to include data quality management, system monitoring, training, upgrades, contract publishing, global trade information updates, and customizations


“Amber Road has enabled us to differentiate our logistics services with a powerful solution that has significantly improved customer satisfaction and contributed to growing our business internationally.”


Senior Vice President
Global Marine and International Logistics Services


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