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Extensive, Multi-Mode Trading Partner Connectivity

Amber Road has built a global trading network with pre-established connectivity to over hundreds of trading partners. The network's secure data communication services enable suppliers, forwarders, transportation carriers, and customs brokers to share supply chain information and alerts that are critical to the timely delivery of goods.

The trading partner network also serves as an information hub for existing enterprise systems including ERP, transportation management, inventory planning, warehousing, and other proprietary order management systems. This enables you to connect once to the network and enjoy seamless connectivity with your internal systems and across extended supply chain partners.

Collection, Normalization & Quality Management

A data network is only as good as the quality of the information that gets exchanged. The data quality management (DQM) features of our network offer best-in-class information accuracy for all messages exchanged between trading partners.

Advanced database technologies form the foundation for DQM, which is supported by a team of data quality analysts and continuous improvement methodologies. By validating messages in three dimensions - completeness, data accuracy, and timeliness - DQM gives you the confidence you need to make the daily decisions that help reduce inventory and transportation costs.

Once the system is deployed, the data quality engine processes hundreds of business rules to evaluate each message before it is posted to the operational data store. This ensures that it is defined correctly for format and syntax. The data store then translates the messages into a standard format (e.g., time, product, and location codes) and sequences them with other messages.

As your business, and number of supply chain trading partners grow, our DQM engine delivers the highest level of data quality so that your team can make vital, time-sensitive decisions to reduce inventory and transportation costs.


“Amber Road’s solution helps manage our international transportation spending by providing accurate and secure access to all contract terms and bottom-line charges at each step in our logistics process.”


Manager of Logistics
Honeywell Specialty Materials


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