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The oil and gas industry is arguably one of the most complex in the world. The activities of drilling, recovery, refining, transport and storage are resource intensive, and oil and gas products require careful handling, creating a variety of logistical challenges and the need for real-time visibility. In addition, oil and gas producers are exposed to significant compliance risks resulting from changing regulations, numerous government agencies and complex import and export requirements.

Amber Road's global trade management solutions can help oil and gas companies address many of the challenges they face when sourcing and shipping goods in a compliant fashion.

Our supply chain visibility capabilities connect oil and gas companies with their overseas partners to ensure complete tracking and monitoring of the movement of goods. This real-time visibility is crucial in order to keep wells operational and profitable.

Our purchase order (PO) management capabilities help oil and gas companies manage all facets of the PO process with their partners - including order acceptance, invoice consolidation, shipment creation and document generation.

Our import and export compliance solutions help oil and gas companies properly classify products based on the relevant country of import and country of export, automate the restricted party screening process and comply with admissibility requirements. Our solutions perform compliance checks against the regulations of all countries involved in a transaction. This is particularly important when dealing with restricted or potentially hazardous equipment and materials associated with oil and gas operations.



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