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The market for logistics service providers (LSPs) is growing exponentially. Many companies today are outsourcing their supply chain operations and partnering with LSPs as they seek to develop profitable export markets and expand their businesses globally.

As the market expands, customers are seeking more sophisticated logistics management services from their LSPs. Amber Road's Global Trade Management solutions provide packaged software tools and information services designed to enhance an LSPs existing systems and add value. Our Global Logistics Management solution helps LSPs differentiate themselves by offering unparalleled process coordination and control with the ability to better manage inventories with diversions and direct-to-store delivery. We also help LSPs increase profits by to managing buy-side costs and empowering sales to price, quote and close more business, faster.

Amber Road helps LSPs provide their customers with extensive trade content and analysis tools to classify goods, calculate landed costs, screen for denied parties and research applicable export and import controls. Amber Road's comprehensive solution improves the efficiency and profit potential of LSP businesses by providing a sophisticated portfolio of GTM solutions without the cost and risk of in-house development.



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“Transportation Management automates our processes to address the 24/7 demands of our global customers and provides the business insight we need to improve market results.”


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