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In today's market, consumer goods manufacturers are moving manufacturing offshore to remain competitive. They are also expanding their product portfolios to defend against private label brands. Simultaneously, they must increase customer service to maintain brand positioning and reduce costs despite adding complexity, time and variability to their value chain. Product savings can be realized by adopting low-cost country sourcing strategies and optimizing total landed costs.

Without an effective global trade management (GTM) solution, organizations find it difficult to remain competitive. Amber Road can help consumer goods manufacturers thrive in this high pressure environment by automating the GTM process. Our multi-mode supply chain visibility capabilities connect suppliers and all logistics partners to establish a foundation of process control across orders, shipments and in-transit inventory. Our Trade Agreement Management capabilities accurately automate the process to solicit suppliers, qualify goods and manage certificates.

Amber Road's sourcing optimization capabilities model alternative sourcing and distribution strategies based on total landed costs and applicable regulatory controls.Our import and export management capabilities automate the documentation process and establish reasonable care. Amber Road's Global Logistics Management solution manages international freight booking and selection, and automates freight audits.



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