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International trade is a complex process for most companies. Chemical distributors and manufacturers experience a high level of scrutiny when moving goods across international borders. Faced with increased government regulations, chemical companies are seeking new ways to streamline operational processes without increasing the costs and risks associated with cross-border transactions.

In addition, Amber Road's Export solution identifies licensing, documentation and unique reporting requirements as well as screens for restricted parties on every transaction. Amber Road's Global Trade Management solutions help chemical companies maintain compliance across their global operations and reduce costs. Our multi-mode supply chain visibility capabilities connect suppliers and all logistics partners to establish a foundation of process control across orders, shipments and in-transit inventory.

Our Global Logistics Management solution enables importers and exporters to automate key transportation processes.



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"As our customer base continues to grow, we need the ability to address compliance requirements globally and minimize risk without increasing headcount. We found the solution with Amber Road."


Director, Global Trade Compliance


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