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As global markets continue to develop, many automotive OEM's, suppliers and aftermarket distributors have increased their dependence on international trading partners to ensure product availability and effectively meet service levels. These companies have also increased their reliance on emerging markets to grow revenues. With a high degree of emphasis on meeting delivery schedules, automotive companies are finding it challenging to operate in a global environment that has stretched supply lines, lengthened cycle times and increased regulatory complexities due to the various trade regulatory controls around the globe.

Amber Road's global trade management (GTM) solutions enable automotive companies to address these challenges while reducing global supply chain costs. Amber Road's import and export management capabilities automate licensing, documentation, restricted party screening and other trade compliance checks necessary to meet and exceed country regulatory requirements. Our multi-mode supply chain visibility capabilities connect suppliers and all logistics partners to establish a foundation of process control across orders, shipments and in-transit inventory. Our trade agreement management capabilities accurately automate the process to solicit suppliers, qualify goods and manage certificates of origin. Amber Road's Transportation Management solution manages international freight booking and selection, and automates freight audits. Our sourcing optimization capabilities model alternative sourcing and distribution strategies based on total landed costs and applicable trade regulatory controls.

By taking a strategic approach to global trade, and automating these uniquely global supply chain functions, automotive companies are cutting costs, improving cycle times and reducing trade compliance risks.



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