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With customers and users around the world, our customer support group is always available. As a valued customer, your satisfaction is our top priority and we work hard to ensure that the products and services we provide meet your highest expectations. Global trade does not pause for holidays; global business is not conducted within a single time zone.

More than just answering the phone, our customer support team performs value-added services to ensure your success:

  • Data Quality Management - We monitor the flow of information for our on-demand customers, send alerts and respond to message and content concerns according to our agreement with you and your trading partners.
  • System Monitoring - We anticipate your typical business and information flow and proactively monitor the information for anomalies related to your external data sources.
  • Training - Our customer support group is available for training new employees, conducting refresher training, or assisting you in further rollout and user adoption of your solution.
  • Upgrades - Our technical staff will assist your company with upgrading to the next version of the software and data migration as requested.
  • Global Trade Information Updates - The content that drives global trade is constantly changing. From carrier accessorial charges to duty and taxes to denied party lists, our customer support team provides you with access to current industry data to support your global trade management solution.
  • Customizations - Customers may request a customization to their interface or application after the initial implementation. Our customer support team works with you to identify the requirement and solution options to meet your business needs.


To contact Customer Support, please use the following telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:


Region Phone Number
Worldwide from anywhere 1.919.468.3500
U.S. and Canada (toll free) 1.800.852.6562
China 86.21.52066702
Hong Kong 852.2784.6562
Germany (toll free) 0.800.7235166
Japan (toll free) 0066.338.30010
Ireland (toll free) 1.800.543205
Singapore (toll free) 800.110.0599
The Netherlands (toll free) 0.800.022.6293
United Kingdom (toll free) 0.800.96.9559


If you need to report an incident via email, please submit it to Support@AmberRoad.com. To ensure that your incident is promptly addressed, please provide the following key information:


  • Contact information
  • Detailed description of the incident, including any error messages, log files, or steps leading up to the error
  • Severity


In the event of a severity one (critical) incident, a phone call should be placed to the Customer Support Center in addition to the email.



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