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Join a meeting that has been scheduled with WebEx

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Global Knowledge® On-Demand Applications

Trade Wizards

Login to access a wealth of information on product classifications, regulatory controls, landed cost, and restricted party lists

Trade Planner

Classify products across multiple countries then build scenarios to evaluate different sourcing and distribution decisions  based on total landed cost and applicable regulatory controls

Customer Support


A secure download area for current customers to access the latest software release.

Trade References

Understanding the complexities of international trade can be a daunting task. Amber Road allows you to quickly and easily look for the information you need in its Trade References section which include the following:


A dictionary explaining common acronyms used in the industry.


A series of international sales terms that are widely used throughout the world dividing transaction costs and responsibilities between buyer and seller.


Important international trade terms are defined.

Country Links

Useful links to various government and trade-related websites from around the world.